Maximize Your Customer Login Page to Market to Your Customers [Examples]

Jennifer —  May 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

Beyond asking customers to post a review for your product, sending them a monthly newsletter or engaging with them via social media, here is an easy (and often overlooked) tip to up your customer marketing game.

Maximize your sign in landing page to reach all your current and active customers.

Your sign in landing page is a guaranteed page that all users will have to visit. It can be as simple as adding an announcement of your next event or an offer to watch a new best practice video. Every one of your customers will see your message when they login to their account. Take the opportunity to add value to their engagement every time they use your product.

1: Optify Inbound Marketing Software

Optify Login PageWhat I like

  • One call to action. Sign in to your account.

What I would change/test

  • Include an offering that adds value to a customer. Best practice tip, new whitepaper, latest Optify new, etc.
  • There should also be context of what Optify is or what the benefit would be for signing up for an Optify account. The is a lot of uncertainty when clicking “Create and account.”

2: Salesforce

Salesforce Login PageWhat I like

  • Multiple offers that are relevant for prospects and customers.
  • They also still include a call to action to sign up for an account if a non-customer hits this page.
  • They have a “bookmark this page” that allows and easy solution for repeat visits.
  • The offers rotate on a regular basis.

What I would change/test

  • Salesforce fully utilizes the space on their login page and is consistently testing new call to actions and offers.

3: Zuora

Zuora Login

What I like

  • Multiple offers are customer centric. The offers range from demos to webinars to content for the purpose of adding value to their customers.
  • They preemptively have troubling information and multiple ways to resolve issues for customers if they run into errors logging in.

What I would change/test

  • The main purpose of this page is to have customers login but design-wise proportionally it is a small area of the page and it doesn’t stand out very much.

4: SEOmoz

SEOMoz Login Page

What I like

  • SEOmoz highlights their best selling point, their strong branding. Everything associated with SEOmoz is recognizable with the colors and fonts they use and especially when Roger is the main design element.

What I would change/test

  • Make the secondary call to action focused around customer offers rather than a strong call to action for new users.

5: QlikView

QlikView Login Page

What I like

  • There is a clear CTA contrast with the one focal point being the green login button.
  • Multiple relevant pathways to choose if “You are not logging in”

What I would change/test

  • The grey call to action links under the raised grey sign in box take the user to another page rather than open a new window. This can be distracting and unexpected.

6: Kabbage

Kabbage Login

What I like

  • Having a sign in right from the homepage with the drop down reduces the barrier for a customer to sign it. It streamlines the sign in process.

What I would change/test

  • The marketing message on the home page typically has a goal of lead generation to acquire new users rather than adding value to existing customers. It is more difficult to incorporate both types of messages, and it is clear Kabbage focuses on the lead gen marketing message.

The sign in landing page is a page every customer lands on so it should be customer centric. The marketing space on your sign in page is an opportunity to include customer marketing as part of a whole integrated marketing campaign.