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The Top Inbound Metrics to Measure for B2B Marketers

If you’re like most B2B marketers what you really care about is cost effectively driving high-quality leads and growing your sales pipeline. Which metrics actually prove that your inbound efforts are doing exactly that? Which are important KPIs of future success? And which metrics are just noise?

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Optify’s Marketing Manager, Uri Bar Joseph and CEO of Trendline Interactive, Morgan Stewart discuss the top metrics all B2B marketers should be measuring.
The Top #InboundMetrics for #B2B Marketers presented by Optify’s @UriBarJoseph and Trendline Interactive’s @MoStew
love it #InboundMetrics 100 Ways To Measure Social Media @DavidBerkowitz via @mediapostKaren Tuecke
Do you know how you buyers are influenced along their journey? Can you track & measure it? #inboundmetrics
#InboundMarketing vs. #OutboundMarketing via #InboundMetrics webinar A. Evertz
#Inbound vs. Outbound channels defined by @uribarjoseph #inboundmetrics
#InboundMetrics Hey Look … it’s a funnel! ^MEMark A. Evertz
Inbound vs. Outbound advantages and disadvantages by @uribarjoseph #inboundmetrics
You can measure everything, but focus on measuring what makes an impact on your business #InboundMetrics webinar from @MarketingProfsJennifer Sprague
RT @optify: Do you know your inbound/outbound split at every level of your funnel? #inboundmetrics Evans Ventris
"85 percent of money spent is on outbound, but only generates 55 percent of the leads -U.B. Joseph #InboundMetrics vi @MarketingprofsMark A. Evertz
Website effectiveness & reach – Your website has to be great. It needs to be effective in driving leads #inboundmetrics
Look at conversion rates of visit to lead to measure website effectiveness #inboundmetrics
Important website effectiveness #KPIs – time on site, bounce rate, pageviews, returning visitors #inboundmetrics
Measure the reach of your content with proxies. Visits from referring domains, from referring keywords #inboundmetrics
Website reach #KPIs – # of inbound links and domains #inboundmetrics
Reach & Effectiveness = How far your content gets out on the web and did it convert visits into leads via @uribarjoseph #inboundmetricsOptify
KPIs to measure website reach: # of inbound links & domain, brand mentions, and keyword ranking #InboundMetricsMelissa Makofske
#Socialmedia reach and effectiveness. Most businesses use it to drive awareness and exposure – @mostew #inboundmetrics
91% of social media efforts are around brand awareness #InboundMetricsKaren Tuecke
The measurement gap for tracking #socialmedia – Need to better track metrics important to mgmt #inboundmetrics
For #socialmedia to drive leads, you must first reach your audience. Track followers, fans, members #inboundmetrics
Top #socialmedia effectiveness metrics. # visits, # leads, # opportunities, segmented by sm channel #inboundmetrics
The formula for #Inbound Marketing #ROI. Make sure you compare apples to apples – @uribarjoseph #inboundmetrics
You need to use closed-loop reporting to determine ROI. Report & show success, make smarter decisions. #inboundmetrics
Use metrics for planning. If you have $$ to invest, where would you spend it? – @mostew #inboundmetrics
The Top Inbound Metrics for #B2B Marketers – Key Takeaways #inboundmetrics
Good marketers understand the science elements to marketing @MProfsEvents #InboundMetricsAnnie Bella
Good B2B marketers understand the science — the numbers — to measure results. #InboundMetricsMelissa Makofske
Thanks for joining our The Top #InboundMetrics for #B2B Marketers presentation! Look for a full recap on our blog

Optify uses Twitter’s Promoted Products for lead generation – increases leads by 2556% and doubles conversion rate.

inbound marketing tweetThe Challenge

Optify provides an inbound marketing software to help B2B marketers reach more buyers and drive more demand for their business. With a suite of sophisticated yet user-friendly applications, the company helps B2B companies drive more demand through search and social media, nurture demand, enable sales and share success. Optify’s customers include LexisNexis, Microsoft, AllRecipes, Corensic, The St. Petersburg Times, and Varolii. On average, Optify customers see a more than 300 percent increase in leads and conversion rates, and a more than 100 percent increase in website visits within a four month period.

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While talking with Matt Heinz, from Heinz Marketing, he shared an interesting marketing tip with me to leverage Foursquare as a marketing strategy for trade shows.

When Optify was announced as a DMA 2011 Early Stage Innovation Award Semi-Finalist, it was a great opportunity to try out Matt’s marketing tip.

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