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nexuscafeThe ExactTarget Nexus team hosts #NexusCafe Twitter chat every Thursday from 11am-12pm ET, to discuss emerging topics and trends from across the digital marketing world. This week I was excited to be ExactTarget’s #NexusCafe featured guest, chatting about Tracking Digital Marketing ROI from Offline Marketing Channels.

Today, marketers have the ability to easily track online return on investment (ROI). However, even with the emergence of recent techological advances, this is still difficult to do for offline campaigns. For example let’s say you spend $15K every quarter to exhibit at a trade show and another $5K on printed marketing and other promotional material; how do you measure the effectiveness of your offline marketing efforts? How do you know which of your offline marketing channels works better and what value those efforts brought (if any) to an online sale?

Coordinating and tracking your offline and online efforts are an important practice marketers need to get good at if they are running offline and online campaigns. Successfully accomplishing so could yield many benefits including amplified results and a better understanding of your return on investment for your integrated marketing activity.

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